Static Storage

Static guarding also plays an important role among the services offered. The company Astrapi Security provides well-trained staff with the necessary certifications and work permits, as well as the technologically modernized equipment that corresponds to them. This service is provided according to the needs and suggestions of the client and the static keeper performs and performs his duties.

The staff of the static guards has a very good appearance, presentation and discipline, in combination with their thorough and continuous training, both in general issues of security services, and in specific issues arising from the contractual obligations towards the clients. All employees in the company are certified by EOPPEP and provided with the corresponding licenses for the provision of private security services Category A ‘(static guards), based on Law 2518/1997 as amended by Law 3707/2008, by the Competent Security Directorates of the Hellenic Police.

By selecting and controlling the staff with strict criteria, it provides them with professional training as well as modern means to be able to respond to any criminal act.

The Guardian carries in the performance of his duties:

  • Uniform provided with the relevant permission of the Competent Interdisciplinary Committee of article 9 of AN1342 / 1938 of the General Staff of National Defense.
  • Bulletproof vest.
  • Flashlight, whistle.
  • Portable wireless that communicates with the Control Center, on a privately owned frequency with the permission of EETT.
  • Mobile phone for communication with the Control Center of our Company, KLS (Signal Reception Center) as well as with the other guards in the area.
  • Metal detectors.
  • Individual panic button.

Other Services:

  • Guarding businesses, shops, offices, homes
  • Security of events (conferences, exhibitions, concerts, etc)
  • Safety of senior persons (V.I.P.)
  • Guarding schools, institutions
  • Security of stadiums, sports events
  • Perimeter Coverage of facilities

• Training of business security personnel