Signal Center

The company has a privately owned Signal Center since 2017, staffed with trusted and specialized operators 24 hours a day!

The signal center is equipped with the most modern technological infrastructure of the center and offers a number of services:

  • Connection of wireless alarm systems.

(a) Connection of wireless alarm systems via global sim and gprs.

Global sims and gprs provide more secure communication of the alarm, without being able to affect the communication as in the wired connection (fixed telephone line).

(b) Immediate notification of subscribers and Immediate Action in a burglar signal by experienced operators through state-of-the-art applications.

(c) Schedule control. It is possible, if requested by the customer, to be informed about the arming / disarming time of the alarm or the non-receipt of expected arming / disarming.

(d) Sending signal history via e-mail.

  • Video Analytics

Video Analytics systems are connected to the logger and in case of motion detection in a selected area then the alarm is activated. Then the Operators of the Signal Reception Center observe and evaluate the event and take the necessary actions.

  • Time Patrol – Electronic Patrol Monitoring.


(a) The time patrol application records the access time of our company patrol to your place.

(b) The electronic registration of patrols can be sent via e-mail to the customer  

(c) Visual inspection In case of alarm the Operators of the Signal Reception Center monitor the customer’s cameras online to evaluate the event                                  

  • Optical patrol

The operator of the Signal Reception Center during the evening hours, at regular intervals, supervises the security of the area and the detection of a suspicious event.

  • Os Vision

When the alarm is activated at the same time, the Os Vision application notifies the signal center operator to watch a specific camera. In this way, when a specific zone (area) is activated, the application displays the corresponding camera.

• Vehicle monitoring via satellite web nav fleet